3U VPX Solutions Deploy Faster

The compact 3U VPX form factor reduces the size, weight and power (SWaP) needed to run rugged, mission critical applications, with powerful processing chips and high speed serial interconnects, today’s 3U performance can exceed yesterday’s 6U performance. Many applications are switching from 6U to 3U VPX form factor.

Curtiss-Wright leads the industry with 3U VPX, offering both complete 3U VPX system solutions and an incredible range of 3U VPX products. Rugged systems built on the compact size and modularity of the 3U VPX form factor address growing aerospace and defense program requirements for Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) that conform to decreasing size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) allocations. Despite the reduced SWAP-C of a 3U based systems, the complexity of these systems in many cases is not reduced.

Curtiss-Wright simplifies the process with complete, innovative, COTS-based 3U VPX solutions that accelerate system development for all land, air, and sea platforms.

Low-cost Development with Short Lead Times

Our complete, low-cost, 3U VPX offerings are engineered to integrate easily into existing development programs within reduced lead times. Offering more than boards in a box – we deliver fully developed systems complete with software tools and analysis documentation to help you get to deployment quicker.

  • Rugged Multi-Platform Mission Computer (MPMC) systems supported by software tools and analysis and SDRL documents, such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) report, thermal report, Design Verification Test (DVT) report and more
  • System Quick Start Kits deliver proven, pre-configured 3U modules pre-installed in a lab/demonstration chassis, with a 4-8 week lead time
  • System Built-In Test (BIT) Software pre-tested and verified for complex, high-performance requirements
  • Test infrastructure that shortens development cycles, increases test coverage, and verifies hardware performance under high levels of simultaneous usage. Designed with the intent of being re-used by our customers to save development cost of validation in their process.

These solutions deliver state-of-the art 3U VPX processing for any program requirement making it easier to deploy field-ready LRUs that provides more functionality in a single footprint.

Proven COTS Technology Building Blocks

Our 3U VPX solutions are built on a wide range of proven 3U VPX building blocks that create a quick-turn 3U VPX Infrastructure you can rely on. Mix and match any of the products below using a variety of packaging options to create a 3U VPX solution that meets your needs. Our 3U VPX subsystems provide higher levels of performance, reduce power consumption, and limit unit count — all critical attributes for rugged systems deployed in space limited environments.

Chassis/Systems (includes power supply)
MPMC-931x 1-slot 3U System MPMC-935x 5-slot 3U System
MPMC-932x 2-slot 3U System HPEC Development Sysytem
MPMC-9331 3-slot 3U System OpenHPEC Development System
MPMC-9341 4-slot 3U System MPMC-9H5x
VPX3-131 Single Board Computer VPX3-1257 Single Board Computer
VPX3-133 Single Board Computer VPX3-1258 Single Board Computer
VPX3-530 FPGA Processor Card VR-1257 Data Recorder card
VPX3-671 VICTORY Switch OpenCL Drivers
VPX3-685 Secure Router VPX3-491 GPGPU Card
VPX3-671 VICTORY Switch IData HMI Solution
VPX3-716 Graphics Processor SferiAdvise Software
VPX3-717 Graphics Processor SoftMap Digital Mapping
VPX3-718 Graphics Processor XMC-1553/429 Multifunction I/O
VPX3-719 Graphics Processor  

The industry’s broadest choice of 3U VPX embedded building blocks

Choice means configuration flexibility. Curtiss-Wright gives you choices, starting with 3U VPX Single Board Computers (SBC) - you can select from options using Arm-based chips, Power Architecture processors or the latest multi-core Intel processors.

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