360SA Low-Latency Multiformat Video Management System

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Key Features

  • Camera Agnostic
  • Scalable
  • Full HD
  • “Zero” Latency
  • GVA/VICTORY compliant
  • Solution includes:
    • GVDU low latency display
    • RVG-MS1 multi-sensor rugged video gateway
    • RVG-FC1 video format converter


  • 360-degree situational awareness
  • Video management and display
GVDU Mission Displays

GVDU Rugged Touchscreen Displays

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RVG-MS1 Multi-Sensor Rugged Video Gateway

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DO-160G, Video Converter

RVG-FC1 Video Format Converter

Video management integration is often complex and burdened with problems that arise from integrating legacy equipment with the latest video sources. The Curtiss-Wright Rugged Video Gateway Format...


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For near-real-time local situational awareness

Delivering <30ms glass-to-glass latency, the 360SA multi-format video management system provides mission-critical near-real-time video at full HD resolutions for driver aid and local situational awareness. The scalable solution brings together our state-of-the-art rugged GVDU multi-touch touch screen displays with our highly rugged video gateway and video format converter to support warfighters' requirements across a wide variety of vehicle types.

The 360SA system solution is an ideal foundation for any battle management system, particularly those where low-latency video capture is imperative, including “through-armor” 360-degree situational awareness for closed hatch operation of tactical vehicles and other driver vision enhancer applications.

Never lose sight of the mission with the scalable 360SA video management system.

Combine low-latency with high performance

The 360SA low-latency multi-format video management solution includes:

The GVDU's unique low-latency display buffering supports reducing latency in each system component through an innovative low-latency video buffer that provides 2.7ms buffering of 1920x1080p 60fps video. On its own, this fully-tested, field-proven, military rugged display offers a maximum latency of just 14.86ms. When used in combination with our digital video switches, glass-to-glass latency of just 26.8ms has been measured on deployed ground vehicle systems, with a maximum of 31.53ms.

Support for multiple cameras, camera types, and views

The SWaP-optimized RVG-MS1 video gateway supports H264 encoding of any input – single, dual, triple, and quad views in various layouts.

Our "Commercial Standards" approach to video system design makes the 360SA system solution camera agnostic with the ability to support 20 x SD/HD/3G-SDI, 4 x Composite/YC, and 1 x HDMI. All the functionality of the larger RVG-MS1-0000 is available in the smaller, more cost-effective RVG units. This allows for a scalable, "building block" approach to video system design on platforms of all sizes.

In addition, image flipping and graphical overlays are available on a low-latency <30ms path, with a maximum 60ms latency when multiplexing imagery for 360-degree situational awareness.

"Smartphone"-like USB multi-touch screen for wet and gloved operation

Multi-touch technology enables operators to use familiar smartphone interface techniques to annotate, draw and manipulate screen images, pinch to zoom. Additional benefits of the GVDU include high brightness and improved contrast, a thinner and lighter display, and reduced costs compared to resistive touch alternatives. Read Smartphone Like Touch Screens in Defense and Aerospace to compare capacitive and resistive touchscreens.

The GVDU line is the only display line in their class to work with military standard CBRN (dual-layer butyl and cotton) and Nitrile/NBR gloves. Ideal for applications operating in extreme environmental conditions, these displays also maintain usability and reliability when wet.

Modular, distributed architecture that fits GVA or VICTORY infrastructure to enable interoperability

With the inclusion of our RVG product line, the 360SA video management system is modular, stackable, and interoperable enabling complex, scalable, custom solutions to be built quickly and easily.

All of our video products and solutions address the key technical challenges associated with reducing latency and providing the essential features and capabilities needed to deploy near-real-time video solutions that meet GVA and VICTORY standards.

Minimize the time and cost for system development and deployment

Our team's modular approach to system design provides the flexibility to mix and match system components, resulting in a solution that meets your program's unique requirements. It also makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to upgrade individual video system components to even lower latency models as they become available.

Ruggedized, low SWaP-C solutions qualified to military standards

Leveraging decades of experience in rugged video system design and development, our video solutions have been pre-qualified to military ruggedization standards.

The ruggedized design of each system component ensures prolonged, reliable operation even while exposed to severe conditions such as debris from sand and dirt, exposure to extreme temperatures, or water from high-pressure washdowns.

Our portfolio of off-the-shelf video management building blocks includes the smallest and lightest analog and digital video switches on the market. Among them is the RVG-MS1, providing 25 inputs and 20 outputs in a unit that weighs only 7.17 lb (3.25 kg). This multi-sensor video gateway requires only 80W of power maximum and offers a low latency video path of 16 ns.

2021 MAE Innovators Gold Award Winner - read more

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