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From Rugged Video Capture to Daylight Readable LCD Displays

A growing challenge for system integrators is maximizing the effectiveness of the increasing number of cameras and displays being deployed, without adding weight and taking up space in an already constrained environment. Device interoperability, harsh environmental conditions, and rigorous qualification testing add to this challenge. While the obstacles can be daunting, choosing the right solutions can reduce risk, time to market, and program cost.

Curtiss-Wright’s field proven cameras, displays, graphic processing modules, video distribution and management systems, and video recorders are enabling enhanced situational awareness and simplifying image and data capture, management, display, recording, and playback for platforms around the globe. 

Video Capture

Curtiss-Wright’s portfolio of advanced rugged cameras includes high-definition (HD), high-speed, and IP cameras. These enhance situational awareness in vehicles with low line of sight, enable object trajectory analysis, and bring new visibility to any application in any environment. 

Graphics Processing

Our range of graphics controllers and video frame grabbers have been designed to provide man-machine interfaces where combining graphics and sensor imagery is required. They support a wide range of graphics and video functions, from simple graphics output, to multi-head, high-performance 3D rendering. They provide video acquisition, processing, distribution, recording, and display functionality, and are ideal for use in a variety of rugged deployed applications including safety critical applications with design artifacts that meet DO-254 and DO-178 safety certifiable requirements.


For decades Curtiss-Wright has been leaders in rugged military display design and development and has provided platforms around the globe with rugged touchscreen displays that ensure system operators can quickly and easily access, view, and act-on mission-critical images and information in any field condition.

Our high-definition military LCD displays are available in a variety of sizes and provide the connectivity and I/O required to interface with a wide variety of other equipment. They are also readable in all light conditions (they are daylight readable LCDs).  Our product range includes displays designed to be seamlessly integrated into vehicle architectures built on open standards, rugged projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens that work when wet or when wearing gloves, and rugged touch screen displays that enable system configuration flexibility and capabilities that fulfill a wide range of requirements. 

Video Distribution and Management

Reaping the benefits of the advancements in sensor and camera technology requires the video system components to ensure interoperability, reliability, and SWaP optimization. At the heart of a modern video management system (VMS) is video distribution technology that acts as the central hub for the proliferating number of video sources on-board today’s mobile vehicles.

An HD VMS typically consists of a combination of multifunction displays, video recorders and an HD video distribution unit, as well as additional equipment such as keyboards for map control. A fully integrated video system gives the user unparalleled control over aircraft video signals, allowing the user to select video sources, create different video source views, and manage the downlinked and recorded video channels.

Curtiss-Wright’s portfolio of off-the-shelf video management building blocks includes analog and digital video switches that are the smallest and lightest on the market, a video gateway that minimizes system latency for multi-sensor I/O applications, and other distribution solutions that reduce redundant equipment and operator overhead.  

Video Recording

Video recording can provide the crew with important information used for training, debrief, or evidential purposes. Curtiss-Wright’s SWaP-optimized video recorder is designed for capturing video in demanding environments, including HD video from the leading EO sensor systems. Delivering industry-leading, broadcast-quality H.264 recording onto CompactFlash cards, our rugged video recorders provide multiple hours of full quality recording capability, in a removable format.

With a portfolio of building blocks that have been developed leveraging decades on experience in rugged video system design and development, our video solutions have been pre-qualified to military ruggedization standards.  Working with a proven, trusted leader significantly reduces time to market, risk and program cost.

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