TTC MSSR-2010 Miniature IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Multiplexer with Solid State Recorder

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Key Features

  • Miniature IRIG 106 Chapter 10 multiplexer with solid state recorder
  • Two versions available (each can have the media access either on the same side or opposite side of the connectors)
    • Stand alone with internal power supply
    • MCDAU/MEDAU stackable utilizing the system power supply
  • Airborne data multiplexer and recorder that accepts a variety of modules hosting high and low-speed communications interfaces
  • Built-in solid state recorder
  • Sustained record rate up to 48 Mbps
  • Uses up to 2 removable CompactFlash cards
  • Compatible with the following stackable I/O modules
    • 2-channel 20 Mbps PCM module
    • 1-channel MIL-STD-1553 module
    • 1-channel H.264 video encoder module
    • 1-channel MPEG-2 video encoder module
    • 1-channel Ethernet Interface module
    • 6-channel Differential Input Signal Conditioning Module
    • 4-channel Bluetooth wireless module
    • 8-channel ARINC-429 Bus Monitor Module
    • IRIG-B AC or DC input time module
    • GPS/IRIG-B AC or DC input time module
  • Ruggedized for airborne applications
  • Data download via USB 2.0 (using TTCWare)
  • RS-232/422 (setup/control/status)
  • Discrete (control/status)



  • Flight test instrumentation systems
  • Vehicle development
  • Limited space applications
  • Portable data recording system
  • Applications requiring playback/analysis on a standard laptop computer
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The TTC MSSR Chapter 10 multiplexer with solid state recorder is used in demanding applications such as airborne instrumentation recording. Two versions are available; the MSSR-110C, a stackable version that works with TTC’s MCDAU and MEDAU encoders, and the MSSR-2010-SA, a stand-alone version that includes the power supply.

The unit is designed to accept data from multiple data acquisition modules that support various interfaces, multiplex the data, and record the data on CompactFlash cards in Chapter 10 format.

The unit is programmable via serial RS-232. Control/status is also provided. Acquired data can be analyzed/archived on a standard PC with data transfer via USB 2.0. Mission (elapsed) time tagging is used unless the optional IRIG-B AC or DC time module is included.

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