CNS4: 4-slot Rugged Network File Server

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Key Features

  • Scalable, high capacity storage
  • Advanced Encryption options
  • Flexible I/O
  • NAS, SAN & Recorder capable



  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Area Network
  • Secure Data-at-Rest
CNS2-FC: 2-slot Rugged Network File Server with Fibre Channel

CNS2-FC: 2-slot Rugged Network Attached Storage with Fibre Channel and iSCSI

The flexible CNS2-FC supports Network File Server (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Fibre Channel (FC), and Internet Small...

DTS1: 1-slot Rugged Network Attached File Server

DTS1: 1-slot Rugged Network Attached File Server

For applications that need to protect large amounts of data The DTS1 is the embedded industry’s first commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data-at-rest (DAR) network attached storage (NAS) solution...

DTS3: 3-slot rugged Network Attached File Server

DTS3: 3-slot rugged Network Attached File Server

The Data Transport System 3-slot (DTS3) is a rugged Network Attached Storage (NAS) file server for use in mobile vehicles, field ground stations, and aircraft. The DTS3 is easily integrated into...

FSM-C: 3U VPX Flash Storage Module Carrier

FSM-C (VPX and 100K): Flash Storage Module Carrier

The Flash Storage Module Carrier (FSM-C) provides rugged, removable, solid-state storage in a 1” pitch, 3U format.  With a COTS storage solution like the FSM-C, technical and schedule risk...


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The Compact Network Storage 4-slot (CNS4) is a conduction-cooled, high-performance network file server with scalable storage and encryption options. CNS4 is network-agile supporting CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, and PXE protocols making it ideal for sharing critical data in a harsh environment. The CNS4 is designed to accept 4 memory modules and can support up to 8TB of removable solid state storage. The CNS4 is a modular design consisting of a full ATR Chassis and up to four Flash Storage Modules (FSM-C). These FSM-C modules plug into the CNS4 backplane and are housed behind an easy-to-open access door. Watch the video above and download the CNS4 product sheet to learn more.

Scalable Storage Up To 8TB

The CNS4 Network File Server chassis is designed to accept 4 memory modules. The FSM-C memory module has a current capacity of 2TB each. Thus the total CNS4 storage capacity is 8TB. It is expected that NAND Flash density will double every 18 to 24 months.

Flexible I/O - 1GbE / 10GbE / sFPDP

The CNS4 has been designed from the ground up for flexible inputs and outputs. Modern avionics or sensor management systems are designed around Ethernet – 1GbE or 10GbE. CNS4 has four 1GbE ports built-in. By connecting to four Ethernet switches, the CNS4 can be connected to a vast amount of mobile network clients.

CNS4 also has a 3U VPX slot for additional I/O. A special VPX carrier can host any type of XMC I/O card. For instance, a 10GbE XMC I/O card can be used providing connection to any 10GbE network for very high speed file server applications.

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