Innovative Rugged Data Storage and Recording Systems that Meet Tomorrow’s Requirements

The proliferation of sensors is increasing data demands on-board today’s platforms.  This is driving the development of faster, more flexible, more compact, and lower cost data recording and storage solutions that can reliably withstand the rugged environment of defense and aerospace applications. Crash recorders need to meet new regulations and aircraft are increasingly being instrumented for monitoring applications, and on-board recording and storage is requiring new levels of security. Curtiss-Wright is on the forefront of providing system integrators and OEMs with rugged data recording and storage systems that meet their changing requirements.

Modules and Drives

Our rugged data storage module and range of solid state drives provide reliable data storage for deployed, harsh environments with extreme temperatures. With Gigabyte and Terabyte capacities, high insertion cycle connectors, and advanced encryption and sanitization capabilities, our field proven, rugged data drives enable reliable, secure storage of your critical data.

Network Attached Storage

Our data drives seamlessly integrate with our network attached storage (NAS) systems which have been developed to address the increasing requirements for secure, Ethernet enabled, data storage size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimization. Our NAS systems protect data-at-rest (DAR) with the either NSA Type 1 or Common Criteria (CC) certified encryption, and reduce program risk, cost, and time.

Crash Protected Storage

We have been a leading designer of proven cockpit voice and flight data recorders for over 60 years. Developed to meet all current and anticipated regulations, our crash protected flight data recorders are designed to be compact and lightweight while providing modularity that allows rapid customization for particular aircraft requirements. This modularization facilitates adding functionality, which can help reduce LRU count by integrating functionality into the recorder.

Test and Monitoring Recorders

Curtiss-Wright offers a comprehensive range of industry leading, rugged, stand-alone solid state recorders that can record data in a variety of formats. Field proven in harsh ground, flight, and space conditions, they are designed to be simple to use, and are available in a variety of size, weight, and capacities. Our test and monitoring recorders are ideal for storing data from a variety of sources such as data acquisition systems and on-board avionics. They are commonly used for flight test, mission recording, usage monitoring, or other flight data monitoring applications.  They work seamlessly with our aerospace instrumentation test and monitoring product lines.

Video Recorders

Video recording can provide the crew with important information used for training, debrief or analysis.  As video systems get upgraded, recorders need to be interoperable with legacy sensors while also offering reduced latency and SWaP and increased bandwidth.  Curtiss-Wright’s SWaP-optimized video recorder seamlessly integrates our video components such as mission displays and video distribution products and is designed to capture mission video from leading sensor systems in demanding environments.

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