Flight Test Setup, Display, and Analysis Software

Flight test programs are costly with tight timelines that demand low risk and reliable solutions. They often have complex flight test instrumentation (FTI) setups and gather an increasing amount of data that may be formatted into newer standards such as chapter 7, 10 or TmNS. While all FTI data is recorded on an aircraft, sometimes data that is sent over a telemetry link can suffer drop-outs, or additional data may be required, to ensure the successful completion of a flight test point.

Flight test engineers require powerful and intuitive software, backed by comprehensive training and resources, to meet tight deadlines and make use of all the gathered data. Software should be quick and simple to use and accommodate large systems and data sets. It should also support the latest data standards and facilitate communication with airborne recorders to back fill lost, or request additional, data.

Curtiss-Wright’s setup and management software is used to configure our data acquisition, network, recording, RF, imaging, and ground station products. It has been developed using feedback from decades of support experience in the data acquisition community to make it intuitive, fast, and efficient to use. It saves time in entering, reviewing, and validating setup information. User interfaces are simple to learn with data rich tables and a consistent look that cuts through the complexity of configuring a data acquisition system.

IADS is the premier real-time display and post-test analysis system for flight test, used by every major test program in the US and in many other countries world-wide. IADS significantly improves flight test efficiencies and helps to speed program completion with powerful display and analysis software and a comprehensive catalog of supporting hardware and software components to suit single computer to large control room applications.

The IADS software team has a deep understanding of the needs of flight test engineers. They have over 100 years of test experience and deep working relationships with a number of leading flight test teams. IADS can process a virtually unlimited number of parameters and quickly offers support for the latest standards. New features are constantly being added, such as requesting additional or dropped data from recorders, and comprehensive training programs and resources are available.

Flight test engineers benefit from software suites that meets their current and emerging needs. This reduces the risk of additional time delays or costs by being reliable, integrating flawlessly with established data acquisition systems, and responsive world leading support.

Setup and management software features

  • Optimized for rapid system setup with intuitive user interface
  • Built-in wizards and tools speed time-consuming tasks
  • Tools for viewing data and network information in real-time
  • Validates software configuration against hardware to catch errors early
  • Supports open XML formats
  • Library function to re-use proven configurations


IADS software features

  • Designed to meet the test community’s specific needs
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces
  • Unlimited number of parameters
  • Users can create customized displays
  • Built-in wizards and tools make time-consuming tasks quick and easy
  • Scalable from a laptop to a large workgroup
  • Facilitates multiple I/O protocols
  • Engineering unit conversions
  • Integrated user-derived and third party software routines
  • Video playback

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