TTC RCVR-105 PCMCIA Card - PCM/FM Receiver/Bit Synchonizer

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Key Features

  • PCMCIA-based PCM/FM Receiver/Bit Synchonizer
  • Receiver:
    • L-Band or S-Band Input
    • 20kHz Tuning Resolution
    • Better than 12 dB Noise Figure
    • Greater than 70 dB Dynamic Range
    • Provides RSSI Output
  • Bit Sync:
    • Bit Rates up to 5 Mbps, NRZ Codes
    • Accepts all IRIG-106 PCM Inputs
    • Provides all IRIG-106 PCM Data Outputs with Coherent Clock
    • Onboard Bit Error Rate Detector and Test Data Simulator
    • Includes Clock Sync Indication
    • Low Power 3.3VDC Operation
  • Windows Compatible Setup Software Included
  • Works with the DBS-120PC (Bit Sync/Decom), PSU-2020 (Portable Support Unit) and TTCWare/TTCVision


  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Pre-flight Checkout
  • Telemetry Workstation
  • Real-time Quick-Look Station
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The TTC RCVR-105 combines the functions of an FM telemetry receiver and a PCM bit synchronizer into a single low cost PCMCIA type II card. The card can be installed in a portable PC compatible platform for preflight or lab testing. The RCVR-105 receives and demodulates PCM/FM signals at L or S band (customer specified at time of order). The RF input is supplied by an external antenna (included) or cable. A tunable IF bandwidth is provided to enhance desired signal selectivity. Tunable AGC and AFC bandwidths are provided so the card can be tailored to the dynamics of the flight line environment.

The demodulated PCM data is supplied directly to the on-card Bit Synchronizer. The Bit Sync provides full-featured clock reconstruction, data recovery and code conversion at rates of up to 5 Mbps for NRZ codes and up to 2.5 Mbps for BiØ codes. TTL and RS-422 compatible PCM data and 0°/180° (selectable) clock outputs are supplied. A Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement capability with an on card Test Data Simulator is also provided.

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