MnACQ-2700 Miniature Network Data Acquisition and Encoding Unit

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Key Features

  • Network-based data acquisition and encoding unit
  • Includes Dual Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) ports for:
    • Setup, control and data transmission
    • SNMP status/control
    • IEEE 1588 PTP time sync and GM operation
  • Compatible with most legacy MnACQ cards
  • Multiple industry standard formats support – DARv3, TmNS, C H10 UDP
  • Secondary backplane for inclusion of high-speed bus data modules
  • Simultaneous Bulk and Selected data publishing support
  • Plug-in modularity and e xpandability; accepts up to 31 plug-in signal conditioning/converter modules; able to condition most sensor/transducer types
  • Full TmNS compliance (IRIG 106 Chapters 21-26)


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Ethernet based distributed network
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The MnACQ-2700 is a dual gigabit (1000BASE-T) port miniature networked data acquisition and encoding unit that supports simultaneous bulk and selected data into multiple industry standard formats.

It is compatible with most of the legacy miniature data acquisition (MnACQ) modules, allowing users to publish selected data into industry standard formats such as DARv3, TmNS and CH10 UDP at gigabit ethernet speeds. Alongside this is a secondary backplane allowing capture of bulk data from high speed bus modules, published simultaneously with the selected data.

It consists of the MOVH-700 Overhead unit, an IEEE 1588 time and Ethernet Overhead module combined with a QorIQ dual-core ARM processor module and as many as 31 legacy MnACQ signal conditioning/converter modules, and a single high-speed bus monitor module operating on the secondary backplane. For power, it uses a +28 VDC ±4 VDC power supply (versions available to deliver up to 230 Watts) and a supporting end plate.

The MnACQ-2700 handles an extremely wide range of sensors and transducers. This stacked arrangement of modules has a primary internal communication bus called the “R-Bus” (Remote Bus) that is used to transfer power, control, configuration, and data among the modules. The secondary internal communication bus uses PCI-E for communication to the high-speed data bus monitor units. Power supplies are available in configurations optimized to support a variety of combinations of modules.

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