AXN/TDC/401 - Thermocouple ADC Module - 15 channels

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  • 15 grounded or isolated thermocouple input channels
  • Three PT50/PT100 channels and one built-in top-block sensor for junction compensation
  • Supports multiple thermocouple types with digital cold junction compensation and programmable thermocouple type per channel
  • Accuracy (0.5°C typical for K-type in -50 to 150°C range, 1°C typical outside this range)
  • 16-bit simultaneous sampling with three configurable output streams on each channel
  • User defined linearization and compensation for errors in the entire measurement chain
  • Open thermocouple detection


  • Thermocouple temperature measurements
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15 channel, Thermocouple ADC (cold junction compensation, 3.125 kHz b/w) - 15ch at 12.5 ksps

The AXN/TDC/401 is used to condition and digitize up to fifteen analog thermocouple channels, three 4-wire RTD (dedicated for PT100) channels and offers top-block built-in temperature sensor.

The AXN/TDC/401 performs linearization for the selected cold junction sensor and thermocouple, and compensates the thermocouple channel accordingly. Any of the three PT50/PT100 channels or top-block built-in temperature sensor can be selected as cold junction compensation.

The module offers programmable pull-down resistors for thermocouples isolated from the module ground.

There are three independently configurable output streams per channel, allowing different sample rate, cut-off, and filter type to be selected for each output stream.

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