KAD/BCU/105 Ethernet Backplane Controller

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  • Programming and verification of Acra KAM-500 chassis
  • Synchronization with an external IEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol version 1 (PTPv1) source
  • Bi-directional, full-duplex, 100BASE-TX Ethernet connection with auto-MDIX
  • Static IP address, upper 16 bits permanently set to 172.28; lower 16 bits assigned via top block wiring
  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP) support for packets up to 64 kbyte (32 kilosamples) via IP fragmentation
  • Current Value Table (CVT) of up to 1 megasample
  • IPv4 protocol supported
  • Supports Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and ping
  • Operating temperature from -55 to 105°C


  • Ethernet based data acquisition systems
DAS Studio 3 Setup software for DAUs, network switches, recorders and ground stations

DAS Studio 3 Setup software for DAUs, network switches, recorders and ground stations

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12 channel ADC

KAD/ADC/135 12 channel Full/½-bridge ADC

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KAD/ADC/136 Flexible ADC (full/½-bridge, ICP, PT100, thermocouple, FIR/IIR, 12.5 kHz b/w) - 8 channels at 50 ksps

KAD/ADC/136 8 channel Flexible ADC

The KAD/ADC/136 is used to condition and digitize up to eight analog channels. Each channel can be configured for use in differential-ended or single-ended voltage measurement, ICP sensor, RTD...

KAD/BCU/101 IRIG-106 backplane controller and encoder with dual modulation output

KAD/BCU/101 IRIG-106 Backplane Controller and Encoder

The KAD/BCU/101 functions as two modules in one; an encoder and a backplane controller. The encoder is functionally identical to the KAD/ENC/005 and encodes data from any Acra KAM-500 module in an...

KAD/BCU/140 Ethernet backplane controller - IENA/iNET-X compatible with TFTP programming

KAD/BCU/140 Ethernet Backplane Controller

The KAD/BCU/140 is a full-duplex, Ethernet, Acra KAM-500 backplane controller packet programmer and an IPv4 data packets transmitter (via a 100BaseTX link interface). The Acra KAM-500 backplane...

KAD/DSI/102 Discrete input (programmable counters, time tagging) - 24 channel

KAD/DSI/102 24 channel Digital Module

The KAD/DSI/102 monitors the status (high/low) of up to 24 differential-ended discrete input channels. Each of these has an assigned programmable 32-bit counter. Additionally each of the inputs can...

KAD/MAT/101 Microcontroller-based module

KAD/MAT/101 Microcontroller-based module

The KAD/MAT/101 allows you run your own programs based on a dual core C6000DSP+ARM9 microcontroller. It provides high performance DSP functions in a widely used architecture. You can develop...

KAD/VID/106 H.264 video encoder (analog video input) - 1 channel

KAD/VID/106 H.264 Video Encoder

The KAD/VID/106 is an H.264 video encoder card that converts one of three composite analog video inputs, or one Y/C analog video input to digital video and compresses it. Compressed video bit-rate...

KAM/CHS/03F Acra KAM-500 chassis (base-mounted power supply and housing) - 3 user-slots

KAM/CHS/03F Acra KAM-500 chassis (base-mounted power supply and housing) - 3 user-slots

The KAM/CHS/03F is a compact three user-slot Acra KAM-500 chassis, which along with the housing and backplane, includes a KAM/PSU/008 power supply unit.   The backplane has three slots for...

KAM/CHS/04L Acra KAM-500 chassis, narrow form - 4 user-slots

KAM/CHS/04L Acra KAM-500 chassis, narrow form - 4 user-slots

The KAM/CHS/04L is a compact four user-slot Acra KAM-500 chassis, which along with the housing and backplane, includes a KAM/PSU/006 power supply unit.   The backplane has four slots for...

NET/REC/001 Ethernet Network Recorder (CompactFlash)

NET/REC/001 Ethernet Network Recorder (CompactFlash)

The NET/REC/001 is a stand-alone Ethernet network recorder. Incoming Ethernet frames are written to a CompactFlash card using a FAT32 file system.   The NET/REC/001 can be configured via...

NET/SWI/101 Ethernet Switch

NET/SWI/101 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The NET/SWI/101 is an 8-port airborne Ethernet switch designed for operating in harsh environments. Each port is configurable for 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseT link speeds or auto-negotiate...


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Ethernet backplane controller - IENA compatible, extended temperature

The KAD/BCU/105/AB1/ET is a full-duplex 100BASE-TX Ethernet Acra KAM-500 backplane controller, programmer and packet generator.

In acquisition mode some or all acquired data is transferred from the backplane to the onboard CVT. Onboard, it is packetized into a user-defined structure. Once full, the packet is transmitted via UDP.

Any number of user-defined IENA packet structures can be handled simultaneously. Different packet identifiers, packet sizes and destination IP addresses can be individually programmed for each packet type. Destination IP addresses can be unicast, multicast, or broadcast.

Upon reception of a programming packet, the module immediately exits acquisition mode and switches to program/verify mode. In program/verify mode it can read or write data blocks to or from any module within an Acra KAM-500 chassis.

The Acra KAM-500 backplane controller supports chassis programming via Ethernet. Synchronization is achieved using the IEEE 1588 PTP.

The KAD/BCU/105/AB1/ET supports IPv4 networks with fixed IP address allocation, including user-assignment of the module's IP address. The module is factory-programmed with a unique Ethernet MAC address.

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