KAD/UBM/105 - 12 channel Serial Bus Monitor Parser

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  • Monitors up to 12 RS-422/485/232 busses
  • Coherently parses traffic and tags for up to 511 messages from 4 to 1024 bytes
  • Aperiodic transmission of packetized serial messages including tags as iNET-X parser-aligned payload structure
  • Bit-rates from 300 bps to 5,000,000 bps
  • 7/8 bits per word with odd, even or no parity
  • Programmable start sequence (1 to 8 bytes), stop sequence (1 byte or by fixed length) and idle time


  • Interfacing with serial data links
KAD/UBM/104 - ABI/ACE-CCDL/ACB serial bus monitor parser/packetizer - 8 channels

KAD/UBM/104 - 8 channel Serial Bus Monitor Parser

The KAD/UBM/104 is an eight-channel serial bus monitor which combines the capabilities of a coherent message parser with the flexibility of an iNET-X packetizer and an error-detection function, on...

KAD/UBM/103 RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial bus parser/packetizer - 16 channels

KAD/UBM/103 16 channel Serial Bus Parser

The KAD/UBM/103 is used to monitor up to 16 RS-232/422/485 channels. The module can parse (coherently extract specific bytes) and/or packetize (insert messages in packets for Ethernet transmission)...

KAD/UAR/102 RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 universal asynchronous parser and snarfer - 4 channels

KAD/UAR/102 4 channel Universal Asynchronous Parser

The KAD/UAR/102 is used to parse (coherently extract specific bytes) and snarf (send all data to a FIFO) up to four RS-232/422/485 channels. The module is able to parse and snarf each channel at...

KAD/UBM/101 8-channel RS-422 or RS-485 serial bus packetizer

KAD/UBM/101 8-channel Serial Bus Packetzer

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12 channels RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 high data rate up to 5 Mbps serial bus parser/packetizer

The KAD/UBM/105 is used to monitor up to 12 RS-232/422/485 channels. The module can parse (coherently extract specific bytes) and/or packetize (insert messages in packets for Ethernet transmission) each channel at the same time.

The signal type (RS-232/422/485), bits per word, and parity are programmable on a channel-by-channel basis.

In the parser, a total of up to 511 complete messages are triple buffered so that the stale indication is message-wide. Each message can be up to 1,024 characters (bytes) long (including start and stop characters). Each message is tagged to 0.1ms resolution; a message is considered found when a start sequence of up to eight specific bytes is received. The end-of-message delimiter is determined by a user-defined stop character or after a specific number of words are received. A message is not updated if any sequence is incorrect.

Independently of the parser, an iNET-X packet stream is generated for each channel. All received bytes are encapsulated in an iNET-X parser-aligned payload structure. A programmable gap time allows the module to split the incoming bytes into shorter timestamped sequences. A block header attached to each sequence stores the channel index, length, and the time of reception of each message. These parser-aligned packets may be transmitted aperiodically to optimize network bandwidth utilization and memory usage when recording serial traffic.


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