TTC nHSC-31-S Network-Based High-Speed Camera with Optional Built-in Recorder

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  • High resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels)
  • High frame rate (up to 500 frames per second at full resolution)
  • Optional built-in CompactFlash recorder
  • Provides RS-170A video and data/clock output for image preview
  • Rugged, lightweight and miniature size
  • IRIG AC, DC or IEEE 1588 for time synchronization and timestamp support
  • Real-time clock timestamp support
  • Circular buffer for pre-event and post-event image capture
  • 100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • 28V power



  • High-speed film camera replacement
  • Component testing
  • Vehicle testing
  • Materials testing
Network Camera Manager

TTC nMGR-2000 Network Camera Manager

The TTC nMGR-2000 is the controller in a networked high-speed camera system. It provides the configuration and control between multiple networked high-speed cameras, recorders, switches and the...

ACT-1000-1 Stand Alone Active Camera Target

TTC ACT-1000-1 Stand Alone Active Camera Target

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CCP-2100 High-speed Camera Controller

TTC CCP-2100 High-speed Camera Controller

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Network-Based High-Speed Camera

TTC nHSC-36-S1(M)-1 Network-Based High-Speed Camera

The high-speed TTC nHSC-36-S1(M)-1 camera design provides a unique solution for applications where space is at a premium, including airborne, automotive and ground testing. The nHSC-36-S1(M)1...


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The high-speed TTC nHSC-3X-S1 series camera design provides a unique solution for applications where space is at a premium, including airborne, automotive and ground testing.

The nHSC-3X-S1 series camera is a standalone and/or networked high-speed camera that is capable of 500 frames-per-second operation. The camera optionally includes an integrated CompactFlash recorder to allow easy removal of critical post-test data. It also provides integrated video preview and easily integrates into a system with other Curtiss-Wright network equipment including switches, recorders and the nMGR-2000-1 high-speed camera manager.

The nHSC-3X-S1 series camera is configured using the TTCWare software. The images that are stored in the camera’s memory are transferred to a PC and converted to industry standard image formats.

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Russell Moore, Product Line Manager - Recorders, Switches and Cameras, Aerospace Instrumentation wrote on how High-Speed Cameras Help Validate Store Separation Prediction Models in Vision Systems Design Magazine.

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