Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder System

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Key Features

  • Compact, low weight CVR/FDR that exceeds EUROCAE ED112 requirements
  • Flexible FDAU uses COTS design with over 100 plug-in modules


  • Crash Protected Recording
  • Data acquisition and storage for:
    • Aircraft performance monitoring
    • Engine condition trend monitoring
FDAU - Flight Data Management Unit

FDAU - Flight Data Management Unit

Imagine you could replace your obsolete flight data system with a no-development, low size, weight and power (SWaP), rugged FDAU, and that it could acquire data from a myriad of modern (and...

MPFR Multi Purpose Flight Recorder

MPFR Multi Purpose Flight Recorder

Curtiss-Wright has developed the most versatile recorder available, in the most compact package, fully approved for current and anticipated requirements. On-aircraft download is achieved in less...

Fortress 757 Multi Purpose Flight Recorder

Fortress 757 Multi Purpose Flight Recorder

Curtiss-Wright has been manufacturing crash protected recorders since 1957, was the first to bring a combined cockpit voice/flight data recorder (CVR/FDR) to market in 1986 and the first to obtain...


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Cockpit Voice and Flight Data recorders (CVR/FDR) recorders are designed to protect data in extreme environmental conditions to ensure reliable access to cockpit voice and flight data following an incident. They are mandated for many aircraft, and desirable for many others, but not all aircraft have a suitable data stream available to output the required information. There is also a trend towards using the flight recorder system as an active component in aircraft maintenance, expanding its role to include applications such as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

Curtiss-Wright provides a solution for these needs with a fully qualified CVR/FDR and an easily customizable Flight Data Acquisition Unit(FDAU). This allows for a highly customized system to be delivered without the high costs associated with bespoke designs and easily accommodates small production quantities.

The Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR) is a compact, low weight combined CVR/FDR that is fully approved for current and anticipated requirements. It features a 90 day Ultrasonic Locator Beacon (ULB) option, attaches directly to airframe and has fast Ethernet and wireless data recovery options.

The FDAU is a rugged, compact unit with a configurable modular design that has out of the box connectivity to the MPFR product line. Chassis are available in a number of sizes and can be hard-mounted in any orientation on an airframe. Along with a wide range of analog, digital, bus, audio and video modules, Built-In Test (BIT), GPS and onboard processing modules are also available.

Thus, this crash recorder system is ideal for applications where a CVR/FDR is required and a large digital/analog parameter set must be captured. In this situation, a commercial off-the-shelf configurable FDAU can acquire/process the mandatory parameters and send the appropriate ARINC data stream to the MPFR.

The system can also be used to support an aircraft maintenance system. Additional modules can be used to acquire data from sources such as strain gauges and accelerometers and the FDAU can send the required parameters to a separate quick access recorder (QAR).

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