Motion Control and Stabilization

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Single and dual-axis Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) have been developed for high performance military applications and are of the highest quality. The FOGs provide compensated yaw rates to the...

Hand Controllers

Hand Controllers

One Product, many options and numerous applications The Hand Controller (HC) is an important interface between operator and machine and has been developed to meet the high demands of the...

High Viscosity Pumping

High Viscosity Pumping

A high-viscosity screw pump that is ideal for smoothly dispensing paste-like substances such as chocolate mixtures, cream, fat, licorice, oil, and syrup at high pressure. Bring Unrivalled...

Linear Drives

Linear Gear Drives

  For Transmission of Linear Movements Our pre-engineered Electrical Linear Gear (ELG) Drives take the guesswork out of motion control system design. Highly engineered, rugged, and...

Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers

Curtiss-Wright's range of motor controllers has been developed for use on weapons stations or main battle tanks. The system power, I/O, performance and assembly have been designed for the most...

Rotary Gear Drives

Rotary Gear Drives

  For Transmission of Traverse and Elevation Movements Taking the guesswork out of motion control system design, our pre-engineered Electrical Rotary Gear (ERG) Drives are designed for...


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Bring New Stability to Payloads in the Air and on the Ground

Deploy reliable, high-precision motion control systems on spec, on time, and on budget. Every motion control system we build is fully integrated and tailored for your application’s unique requirements:

  • Exceptionally smooth and responsive payload tilting
  • Greater payload stability at higher speeds over rougher terrain
  • Super-steady payload control in extreme conditions
  • Extremely accurate and precise payload movements
  • Superior payload balancing

Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage our proven building blocks and advanced processes to jump-start system development and reduce risks. Our scalable motion control systems are built using a modular suite of rugged and field-proven components:

And they’re designed to provide reliable field operation for up to 30 years.

Stabilize Almost Any Payload

Tackle your toughest motion control challenges with motion control systems that can be adapted and configured for almost any application:

  • Increase safety and comfort on high-speed public transportation
  • Capture high-speed action movie scenes that were previously not possible
  • Bring high-precision load balancing to specialty lift applications
  • Safely increase excitement on high-speed amusement park rides
  • Maintain accurate control of motion systems on military vehicles

Deploy in the Harshest Environments

Take high-precision motion control to almost any location. We thoroughly test every component in every system to ensure it performs reliably and accurately in the most severe conditions:

  • Extreme heat and cold
  • High-altitude locations
  • Sandy, dusty, and wet environments
  • Bumpy, potholed, and rutted terrain

Rely on a Trusted, Proven Leader 

Partner with the only experts who can bring you more than 70 years of research and innovation in electromechanical and electrohydraulic drive systems. We incorporate renowned Swiss attention to quality, reliability, and environmental protection into every system we build. And we follow the most stringent quality and environmental standards and best practices.

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