Ammunition Loading

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Power supply 24V
Peak pressure 180 bar
Working pressure up to 140 bar
Ramming speed adjustable 2-9 m/s
Ramming load depending on application
Hydraulic oil NATO code H540
Hydraulic oil cleanness ISO4406 class 13/10
Ramming stroke 290 mm
Mass of ramming drive 30 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 650 x 170 x 200 mm


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State-of-the-art electrohydraulic flick rammers accelerate shells on the loading tray before they enter the gun to enable higher rates of fire, more reliable loading, and smoother ammunition handling on medium caliber artillery. 

Get Fast and Flexible Flick Ramming

  • Hydraulic acceleration of ammunition on the loading tray enables three-round bursts of fire in 10 seconds and constant ramming depths at all angles of elevation for a variety of projectile types
  • Simple design enables installation on horizontal or vertical loading arms on self-propelled, towed, or auxiliary-propelled howitzers and fortress guns
  • Compact and modular form factor enables easy retrofits into restricted spaces, such as the M109 series of self-propelled howitzers

Improve Firing Performance

Eliminate manual handling of ammunition for faster, more effective firing:

  • Accelerate rates of fire with semi- or fully automatic ammunition loading
  • Ensure enduring fire power with high-capacity reserves
  • Enable non-stop performance with highly reliable loading cycles and smoother ammunition handling

Simplify Ammunition Handling

Make life easier for crew members:

  • Relieve the physical strain required to manually load and ram ammunition
  • Reduce the number of crew needed to handle ammunition
  • Eliminate the time and effort associated with loading ammunition in highly constrained spaces

Support Any Medium Caliber Artillery Platform in Any Location

Bring the benefits of high-speed flick ramming to a wide variety of platforms, spaces, and locations:

  • Accelerate firing performance on self-propelled, towed, or auxiliary-propelled howitzers, as well as fortress guns
  • Retrofit flick ramming capabilities into the most space-constrained artillery platforms with a compact and modular form factor
  • Take flick ramming capabilities to even the harshest field and climate conditions with a fully ruggedized design

Choose a Field-Proven, Cost-Effective Solution

Keep crew safety high and costs low:

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a flick ramming system that has been safely and successfully used on thousands of artillery platforms deployed around the globe
  • Ensure high operational safety with low system pressure
  • Keep operational costs down with easy retrofitting, lower power consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements

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