PRV-0414 PC104 Double Height Adapter (for tall PCB components)

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Header 10-Pin Power Header (Dual Row 0.100 inch)
Bus 16-Bit PC/104 (ISA) bus
Extras Set of 8 Nylon Board Stand-offs (with Nuts and Screws)
Other Features Standard PC/104 Mounting Holes; Spacer PCB

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PRV-0414-08 PRV-0414, PC/104 Double Height Adapter, RoHS


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The PRV-0414 PC/104 Double Height Adapter is a low-cost interconnection board that gives embedded PC/104 computer systems a method for connecting circuit board modules taller than the prescribed PC/104 specification height. The adapter is especially useful for high-profile PC/104 CPU, power supply and hard drive modules that incorporate onboard fans or heatsinks for thermal management, as these types of boards commonly exceed the PC/104 form factor height of 0.60" and take up two card slots. Overcoming PC/104 height infringement can also be especially useful during prototype development when placing a prototype card at the end of a card stack becomes impractical.

Measuring only 3.550" x 0.550" in size, the PC/104 Double Height Adapter provides clearance for tall board components in a card stack, while offering a 16-bit pass-through header for all standard PC/104 bus signals and a 10-pin power connector for power/grounding through the PC/104 bus. The adapter also has standard PC/104 board mounting holes and can be placed on top or bottom of any PC/104 module with its 104-pin and socket connector.

Included with the adapter is also a set of nylon stand-off spacers for board mounting and a second, smaller (3.550" x 0.40") circuit board used to maintain proper spacing on the other side of the PC/104 slot. Stand-offs can be inserted into mounting holes for the adapter and adjacent PC/104 modules, or alternatively, the PC/104 card stack can be securely mounted in a PC/104 railed card cage without any standoffs required.

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