VME-183 VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture MPC7447A/7448 Processor

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Key Features

  • Single or dual NXP Power Architecture 7447A/7448 (AltiVec Technology-enhanced) CPUs, each with:
    • 64 KB L1 cache
    • 512 KB/1 MB internal L2 cache
    • ECC option on 7448 internal L2 cache
    • Altivec-enabled e600 core (previously referred to as G4 core)
    • 9.6 GFLOPS peak processing power at 1.2 GHz core frequency
  • (2) 64-bit PMCs on independent PCI buses  
    • (1) 100 MHz PCI-X, one 66 MHz PCI-X
    • Optimized cooling of conduction-cooled PMCs
    • Controlled impedance routing of Pn4 I/O for digital video, StarFabric, Fibre Channel and other high-speed interfaces
  • Memory:
    • High-performance Discovery III system controller - dedicated CPU-to-SDRAM path reduces memory read latency
    • Up to 2 GB of DDR SDRAM with ECC
    • Up to 512 MB of contiguous direct-mapped Flash
    • 128 KB AutoStore nvSRAM with hardware write protection
  • I/O:
    • (3) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (1x 10/100BASE-T, 1x GbE to P0, and 1x 10/100 BASE-T or GbE)
    • (2) asynchronous EIA-232 serial ports and up to (4) sync/async EIA-232/422/485 serial channels
    • (2) SATA, (2) USB 2.0, (14)DIO, (16) DIFFIO, (2)1553
  • Software
    • Wind River VxWorks 5.5.1 and 6.x
    • Wind River Linux 3.0
    • Continuum Vector Signal Processing Software
    • LynxOS and Lynx178B available from Lynx Software Technologies
    • INTEGRITY available from Green Hills Software
    • VxWorks 178B (6.6 cert) available from Wind River



    • SWaP-C consolidation 
    • Mission computer applications 
    • ISR applications 
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Using one or two NXP (formerly Freescale) MPC7447A/7448 Power Architecture processors with AltiVec technology, and up to 1 GB of DDR1 SDRAM, the VME-183 Single Board Computer provides an ideal platform for general purpose computing.  The VME-183 delivers two 64-bit PMC sites (one supporting 100 MHz PCI-X) and an innovative complement of I/O including Ethernet, up to six serial ports, up to two MIL-STD-1553 channels, SCSI, SATA and two USB 2.0 ports.  Available in a full range of environmental build grades, the SVME/DMV-183 VME SBC is targeted to the challenging data and mission processing needs of rugged embedded computing, tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and harsh environment naval systems.

For retrofit and technology insertion applications, the VME-183 VME offers a superset of the I/O features of earlier generations of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions 17x and 18x Power Architecture SBCs and optional pin-out modes for backplane compatibility as well.  Our continuously evolving lineup of Power Architecture SBCs includes the VME-178, 179, 181 and 182 and supports successive technology insertions throughout a platform's lifetime.

The SVME/DMV-183 VME Single Board Computer is available in a range of ruggedization levels including both air and conduction-cooled versions. The SVME/DMV-183 supports the following operating systems Wind River VxWorks 6.5/6.7/6.9, Wind River Linux, LynxOS and Lynx178B  from Lynx Software Technologies, Green Hills INTEGRITY, and Wind River VxWorks 6.6 Cert (178B).


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