Our I/O and communications solutions are designed to handle the toughest operating environments. That’s why we’re trusted as a proven leader in the design and production of best-of breed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.


Our ARINC 429 products provide high-speed, low latency communications, with interfaces to standard avionics buses. We also offer a DO-254 safety certifiable module to meet your certification needs.

Fiber-Optic I/O

Curtiss-Wright fiber-optic I/O PMC and XMC modules combine the power of a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA and four full duplex front panel fiber-optic channels supporting speeds of between 1 and 3.125 Gbps per port.

RIM Modules

While accessing I/O from embedded VPX modules can be done with a Rear Transition Module (RTM), accessing I/O from Mezzanine modules can be much more difficult. Curtiss-Wright provides two types of RIM modules – high speed and low speed, both supporting 3U and 6U RTM designs and differential signaling – that allow quick and easy access to your Mezzanine I/O. RIM modules enable customers to create their own cabling solutions, and can be used with a variety of Curtiss-Wright or 3rd party RTMs that support Pn6 module I/O.

SCRAMNet Shared Memory

Many computing platforms solve portions of the same real-time problem; Curtiss-Wright's shared-memory products are optimized to deliver high-speed, ultra-low latency transfer of data among these computing platforms. The simplicity and speed of Curtiss-Wright's shared memory technology suits applications requiring a high degree of synchronization and control. Curtiss-Wright’s SCRAMNet network products, for the past two decades, have proven their value as fast, simple data communications solutions for simulation, virtual reality, and other real-time applications across computing platforms.

Serial FPDP

Curtiss-Wright FibreXtreme Serial FPDP (SFPDP) data link system connects distributed devices through a specialized communications protocol (VITA 17.1-2003) optimized for maximum data throughput.


StarFabric delivers a pure switch fabric for base implementations. Curtiss-Wright StarLink PMC products offer a PCI to StarFabric bridge and can sustain a 400-440 MB/s transfer rate, allowing users to fully employ the processing power inherent in multi-board systems. The StarLink II also provides on-board StarFabric switching, so that systems may be designed without costly and space-consuming external switch cards. 

Product Sheet Product Name IMAGE Form Factor Standard Category Ruggedization
RIM Modules - RTM Options for Mezzanine I/O RIM Modules - RTM Options for Mezzanine I/O XMC RIM Module AC 0
SCRAMNet GT200 SCRAMNet GT200 Mezzanine, Other PCI, PMC Shared Memory AC 0
VPX3-611 DO-254 Certifiable MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC 429 I/O Module 3U VPX ARINC 429 AC 0, CC 200
V3-611 DO-254 Safety-Certifiable I/O Module 3U VPX ARINC 429 AC 0, CC 200
StarLink II/PMC-233 StarFabric PMC StarLink II/PMC-233 StarFabric PMC Mezzanine PMC StarFabric AC 100, AC 0, CC 200, CC 100
XMC-FPGA05F Virtex-5 XMC/PMC XMC, FPGA Mezzanine PMC, XMC Fibre-optic AC 0, CC 200, AC 100
SCRAMNet+ SC150 SCRAMNet+ SC150+C114 6U, Mezzanine, Other PCI, PMC, VME Shared Memory AC 0
FibreXtreme Multi-Channel SL100/SL240 Serial FPDP FibreXtreme Multi-Channel SL100/SL240 Serial FPDP Mezzanine, Other CMC, PCI, PCIe, PMC, XMC Serial FPDP AC 0
PMC-429-CW ARINC Card PMC-429-CW ARINC Card Mezzanine PMC ARINC 429 AC 0, CC 200

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