Vanguard VME Bus Analyzer, Exerciser, and Protocol Checker for VME, VME64, 2eVME, and 2eSST

  • Downloads
  • Support of VME, VME64, 2eVME and 2eSST protocols
  • 2M Sample Trace Buffer at 256 bits
  • Networked VME Bus Analyzer (built-in Ethernet port)
  • Concurrent and independent operation of all functions (analyzer, exerciser, and protocol checker)
BusView Graphical User Software

BusView Graphical User Software

The Curtiss-Wright BusView Graphical User Interface Software for Vanguard Bus and Protocol Analyzers is easy to use and uses the same software for PCI/PCI-X, cPCI, PMC, and VME analysis. BusView...

Vanguard PMC Bus Analyzer, Exerciser, Protocol Checker & Compliance Checker

Vanguard PMC Bus Analyzer, Exerciser, Protocol Checker & Compliance Checker

The Vanguard PMC Bus Analyzer offers the complete solution for PCI / PCI-X analysis, exercising, protocol detection, and compliance checking in a PMC environment. With a 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet...

VME-186 VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture P4040/4080 Processor

VME-186 VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture P4040/4080 Processor

The VME-186 VME Single Board Computer is based on NXP's high-performance QorIQ P4080 SOC multi-core processor. With four or eight Power Architecture cores running up to 1.5 GHz, and up to 8 GB of...

VME-194B VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture P2020 Processor

VME-194B VME SBC with NXP Power Architecture P2020 Processor

The VME-194B is the next generation of VME single board computer (SBC) from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. It is targeted for applications with moderate processing requirements, low power and...

VME-682 Ethernet Switch/Router

VME-682 Ethernet Switch/Router

This product is not recommended for new designs. Click here to see our newer VME switch, the VME-690. Enabling the vision of inter-networked heterogeneous military and aerospace systems in the...


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The Vanguard VME Bus Analyzer, a complete solution for VMEbus analysis, detects exercising and protocol errors and supports new VME standards, including 2eSST. USB or a PC Ethernet running Windows and BusView graphical user interface controls the bus analyzer.  Connecting to Ethernet opens countless opportunities as users can connect to Vanguard analyzers in any area with network connection. Like all Curtiss-Wright analyzers, the Vanguard VME may use target system power or power from an external supply. 

State Analyzer - With highly advanced (yet simple to use) triggering, filtering and counting capabilities, the Vanguard VME's State Analyzer captures and displays VMEbus activity in State or Timing modes. Unlike logic analyzers, Curtiss-Wright VME Bus Analyzers know the bus protocol and derive the sampling clocks from the bus cycles at the perfect timing, completely tracing all kinds of activity, including arbitration, interrupts, block cycles, RMW cycles, etc. 

Exerciser - A powerful master with a DMA engine, a slave memory, a system controller and an interrupt generator and handler is the optional (-VE) Exerciser available for the Vanguard VME Analyzer. The flexible and easy-to-use unit allows concurrent operation of all functions. With a flexible script feature, users can make test scripts and automate tasks. Dialog boxes control the exerciser through the user-interface, automated with the built-in script recording and playback capability with programmable delay and loop functions. 

Protocol Checker - the Vanguard VME Bus Analyzer's optional protocol checker (-VP) automatically detects up to 60 VME errors, helping the user discover bus hardware errors without understanding the problem's nature. The protocol checker can run even while other Vanguard analyzer functions are active. For example, while the protocol checker runs in the background, screening the bus for errors, the state analyzer and the bus utilization statistics can all be active. If the protocol checker is used as the trigger source for the analyzer(s), the state and timing analyzers will give a comprehensive picture of the bus activity around the point when an error was found, allowing the user to identify and correct the problem.

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