Many naval, air traffic control and vessel traffic applications require the acquisition, processing and display of radar video. Curtiss-Wright’s Radar Video Processor (RVP) product family spans a range of capabilities from radar video servers through to full auto-tracking solutions. Based on proven solutions for radar acquisition and processing, RVP builds on Curtiss-Wright’s experience in offering integrated and OEM-level solutions that meet demanding requirements. Modular software design and open-systems hardware allows a rich set of capabilities to be provided in a compact and cost-effective form factor built on standard COTS hardware platforms. At the heart of the RVP family is a set of integrated hardware and software modules that provide radar processing capabilities. These modules are designed to work with industry-standard operating systems and computing platforms, ensuring that systems can be upgraded and maintained over their operating life.

Curtiss-Wright’s radar acquisition products include the Osiris radar acquisition card, available in PCI and PMC form factors, and RVP software. These elements can be combined to form radar server systems, taking in signals from the radar and generating digitized radar video streams and track reports on a local network. Our radar scan conversion products include the Eagle 2 (PMC) and Advantage Xi (PCI) radar scan converters, and SoftScan software that allows a PC or SBC to generate high-quality scan converted radar without the need for dedicated hardware. These can be used together with our comprehensive API to build client (console) graphics and scan conversion systems.

Combining these powerful systems together allows you to form a complete, scaleable network of radar input and display sub-systems, whether embedded (VME, VPX) or PC-based for benign environments, supported by full training materials, documentation and our integration and commissioning expertise.

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