Image Processing

Image processing is a technology exploding with a wide range of naval applications. Image processing could be target tracking from a FLIR on an aircraft, or object recognition from a high definition camera on a surveillance vehicle, or visual guidance on an unmanned vehicle. And just as diverse as the applications which employ image processing are the products which provide the processing required. From varying FPGA technology for image acquisition or image processing, to high performance Intel processors to general purpose graphics processors (GPGPUs), Curtiss-Wright has delivered solutions using all of the above.

Depending on the complexity of the application, image processors can require significant processing power which can prove to be a challenge to deploy in the rugged environment of military vehicles. Curtiss-Wright has taken on this challenge and provided solutions ranging from 1000 to 3000W for several different deployed applications. Through the use of air-flow through technology, Curtiss-Wright has been able to cool as much as 200W in a single card slot, while not requiring any exotic cooling infrastructure from the vehicle. So regardless of the processing needs, Curtiss-Wright has a solution.

Display Processing

With more and more data available to the drivers & pilots of our military vehicles, the need to display this data concisely and quickly grows every day. As resolution of displays increases, the ability to display more and more data clearly on a single screen also increases. This data might be digital flight instrumentation, radar information, external camera imaging, vehicle information, targeting information, guidance information, etc.

Curtiss-Wright had provided display processors to a number of different applications and our latest products provide cutting edge solutions for these types of applications. With the ability to provide graphics outputs to drive as many as four high definition displays in a single card, the latest in processor technology, and a wide range of I/O capability, Curtiss-Wright continues to offer the very best solutions for the industry’s display processing needs.


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