Meet Your SATCOM and Wideband DATACOM Challenges with Curtiss-Wright Ultra-Wideband Processing Modules

As the satellite communication industry matures, the opportunity to optimize satellite communications continues to grow. At Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, we believe in finding ways in which our proven technology can help build sustainable and reliable systems.

In order to support the wide frequency range used in SATCOM, expensive analog circuitry is often required in order to provide the necessary tuning and down-conversion. This adds cost as well as the variability of analog components into the processing chain. With the availability of ultra-wide band components, most applications can move closer to a mostly digital processing chain by directly sampling the RF data. This can be done for ground station and simulators which don’t require rad-hard components.

While most other available data-converter products are limited to 4-6 GSPS, the Curtiss-Wright family of wideband FPGA products support up to 25 GSPS with 8 bits of resolution. Our FPGA products can be configured to perform a wide range of different types of processing, from performing DSP algorithms on the incoming data to generating various QPSK or other data communications signals. Unlike dedicated ASICs, FPGAs can be reconfigured, facilitating upgrades in the field and enabling completely different algorithms to be implemented, extending the useable life of the hardware. Equipped with high-speed SERDES supporting up to 200 Gbps of bandwidth in each direction, large amounts of data can be sent off-card for recording or post-processing. This level of direct RF-sampling, flexible processing and high band-width simply cannot be done with other solutions.

Here is an example of a small system using Curtiss-Wright wideband products

Partnered with Tektronix Component Solutions, Curtiss-Wright brings you the leading-edge digital converter silicon used in their high-end scopes and arbitrary waveform generators. Combining the performance of Tektronix with the flexibility of an open standard form factor, you can configure and integrate with ease, all while knowing you’re working with the highest standard of quality available. These open-standards products also enable easier integration with other Curtiss-Wright DSP, Processor, Switching, and Recording products, enabling complete open-systems integration.

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