Increasing use is made by electricity suppliers and networks of airborne platforms, typically rotary wing, to inspect the high voltage cables that carry electricity to substations. Multiple sensors such as UV-sensitive, infra-red and daylight standard and high-definition are typically used to identify current or incipient failures in supply cables. Such platforms typically require a video management system that allows video to be routed to operator displays for multiple presentations such as full-screen, picture-by-picture or quad display so that simultaneous observations from multiple sensors may be made. Curtiss-Wright’s Video Management Systems (VMS), built around proven, rugged products that minimize size, weight and power and reduce platform cabling cost and complexity, provide a solution for the entire video processing chain from sensor to display.

Typical components of a VMS include switching of both analog and digital video. Curtiss-Wright video switches allow any video source to be connected to any display, and will typically allow multiple video sources to be combined in quad (four windows) or picture-by-picture mode for presentation on a single display. Video switching is controlled by the operator from dedicated bezel buttons or ‘soft’ touchscreen buttons on Curtiss-Wright displays. Reliable video recordings are essential for post-flight analysis of observations, so provision is made for routing one or more video feeds to recorders.

Curtiss-Wright mission displays offer the highest levels of designed-in ruggedness, reliability and flexibility. Ranging in size from 7” (18cm) to 21.5” (55cm) diagonal, the new range of displays supports touchscreen control, night vision (NVIS) operation and quad/picture-by-picture presentation as standard. When combined with other elements of the VMS family, mission displays allow full operator control of switching, recording and downlink operation directly from the screen in front of them, for a seamless user experience.

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