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Bring Rugged Dependability to
Industrial Applications

Take performance, precision, and quality to new levels with rugged and highly reliable solutions that are built for the long term. Our industrial solutions leverage all of the expertise and experience we’ve gained as the trusted, proven leader in defense and aerospace for decades. As part of our standard processes, we:

  • Follow the most stringent quality and reliability standards in every aspect of solution development and manufacturing
  • Apply strict controls for quality, compliance, and on-time delivery to our entire supply chain
  • Test extensively for failures and perform in-depth root cause analysis to ensure failures will not reoccur after solution deployment

Stabilize Payloads in Motion Brochure

Stabilize Payloads in Motion

Stabilize payloads in motion on the ground and in the air with rugged, high-precision, and fully configurable motion control systems. Our scalable motion control systems are developed and manufactured for complex and demanding applications, such as: 

  • High-speed public transportation
  • ​Camera crane rigs
  • Specialty lift applications 
  • Amusement park rides 
  • Land-based military vehicles

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Inspect Energy and Utility Cables 

Use airborne platforms to inspect high-voltage supply cables and identify existing or potential failures. Our Video Management Systems (VMSs) are built with proven, rugged products that minimize size, weight and power and reduce complexity, providing a solution for the entire video processing chain, from sensors to displays.

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Address SATCOM and Wideband DATACOM Challenges 

Take advantage of ultra-wide band components to directly sample RF data and move closer to a more cost-effective and practical end-to-end digital processing chain. Our wideband field programmable gate array (FPGA) products support up to 25 GSPS with 8 bits of resolution and can be configured for a wide range of processing requirements.

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Increase Food Production Quality 

Disperse paste-like mediums, such as chocolate mixtures, fat, licorice, oil, and syrup at high pressure and with a constant flow. Our high-viscosity screw pumps feature a unique pump rotor design that enables a smooth and consistent medium flow. And they’re proven to last for decades.

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Industrial applications where our products are used:


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