Extremely reliable and low-latency fire control processor cards that feature highly deterministic Power Architecture CPUs to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy every time a round is fired.

Increase Fire Control Reliability to Keep Warfighters Safe

  • High-performance thermal management keeps all components at the lowest possible temperatures for the environment
  • Extreme ruggedization enables deployment in the most challenging ground vehicle and mission environments
  • The very best components available increase dependability


Minimize Latency to Increase Accuracy

Accelerate analysis of data from radar and inertial systems, sensors, and human sources to ensure all munitions are fired with the most precise possible trajectory and direction. Choose a fire control processor where:

  • The I/O required for vehicle sensors and the vehicle information bus are integrated directly into the processor
  • Reliable Power Architecture CPUs make highly deterministic compute decisions
  • Streamlined operating systems ensure maximum processor efficiency

Reap the Benefits of a Fully Integrated Solution

Choose a fully integrated fire control single board computer (SBC) and ground vehicle computer to minimize size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) and meet the toughest requirements.

  • Optimize fire control, turret control, weapons control, and vehicle control with a single solution
  • Leverage the compact form factor of 3U OpenVPX commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) SBCs to minimize space requirements
  • Deploy a VICTORY-compliant ground vehicle computer that’s designed and tested for nuclear survivability

Get the Ultimate Fire Control Solution

Partner with the trusted, proven leader in fire control technologies.

  • Rely on some of the most rugged electronics in the world to withstand heavy vibrations and shock in the most unforgiving environments.
  • Reduce risks with an integrated and fully qualified fire control solution.
  • Benefit from our many years of experience delivering fire control solutions for a wide range of ground vehicles.

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