360 Situational Awareness


Cutting Edge Video Solutions for Enhanced Situational Awareness on the Battlefield

The tools and technologies responsible for providing situational awareness are continuously evolving. For example, defense video and imagery distribution systems have increasingly become today's militaries' eyes and ears. Video and image processing solutions, from sensor to screen, have become the best way to get vital visual information to warfighters in a fast and effective manner. Providing operators the ultimate level of situational awareness is 360° video systems.

These highly advanced video systems blend accurate, fully stitched images from all vehicle-mounted cameras into a seamless, panoramic image that most closely resembles what the human eye sees. These images can further be enhanced with sensor fusion, data overlays, augmented reality, and so on to increase situational awareness, which leads to increased mission effectiveness.

To ensure the safety and security of warfighters and equipment inside and outside the vehicle, visual information must be accessible as close to real-time as possible. To accomplish this, these critical systems must acquire, distribute, and intuitively present high volumes of data quickly. However, as the number of elements in these vital systems grows, so does the risk of system latency. Therefore, seamlessly integrating all components of an end-to-end video solution, and reducing latency, is critical to increasing situational awareness.

Curtiss-Wright's broad range of rugged modules, mission computers, and video solutions address the key technical challenges faced by these critical end-to-end video and computing systems.

Eliminate integration challenges for graphics-intensive applications with our family of graphics controllers and video frame grabbers. Our 3U graphics, video, and general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) cards feature the latest AMD and NVIDIA embedded GPU technology. These highly engineered modules provide a field-proven hardware foundation for systems requiring enhanced situational awareness or deep learning frameworks for AI applications.

Maximize performance while minimizing SWaP with Intel® processing solutions with high-performance Xeon® processors. Curtiss-Wright offers Intel processing modules in 3U, 6U, and mezzanine form factors meeting open industry standards such as OpenVPX, VME, and XMC.

Create a powerful, adaptable, and flexible solution with our rugged and powerful ultra-small form factor (USFF) mission computers featuring NVIDIA Jetson TX2i SOM. These mission computers are low-power, appropriate for low SWaP environments. They are designed to operate reliably in extremely harsh environments and are well-suited for civil and military aircraft and vehicle platforms.

Reduce latency end to end with reliable, low-latency video systems. Our 360SA video management system uses a unique design approach and innovative FPGA video pipelines to deliver <30ms glass-to-glass latency for driver aid and situational awareness at full HD resolutions.

Further enhance confidence with assured positioning, navigation, and timing (A-PNT). The Curtiss-Wright approach to A-PNT is based on multiple complementary PNT technologies that leverage proven and trusted techniques to arrive at A-PNT truth and provide a trusted solution to protect personnel and equipment in the field.

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